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EA Sports produces game software for various gaming platforms. During the 4th quarter of 2008, EA was launching several games simultaneously. They wanted multiple POP items for each game rollout and had only 15 days to executive these initiatives.. They needed a partner capable of high-quality, large quantity production, fulfillment and shipping based on this aggressive timeline.
As Promotional Concepts Team represents a number of facilities, we were able to coordinate the simultaneous production at multiple factories. We carefully supervised design for each of the various products to ensure maximized branding and ensure brand identity. We were able to receive and manipulate the art for the numerous layouts and formats necessary to produce all of the materials and deliver to their distribution center.
All POP and promotional materials were produced, delivered and in place to meet game launch dates,. Leveraging the full range of services offered by Promotional Concepts Team, EA Sports was able to depend on one vendor for timely execution of a multi-faceted promotion., Our team’s ability to offer a full range of POP and promotional services is unique in today’s “down sized” business environment.
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